BMW M3 NFT – 88

BMW M3 NFT 88 is a deep blue BMW M3 with a sunroof. It is shown on a red background. This non-fungible token is part of the Custody Garage BMW M3 collectible series of 100 images.

The BMW M3 NFT also comes with the right to get a 12in x 12in or 30.48cm x 30.48cm poster. Simply complete the details as supplied when you buy the car NFT and it will be shipped free of charge to your door. Only one poster in this size will ever be printed.

BMW M3 NFT Traits

Body Colour

Deep Blue – 10% have this trait

Wheel Colour

Silver – 60% have this trait


Yes – 76% have this trait

Indicator Colour

Clear – 87% have this trait

Rear Lights Colour

Regular – 86% have this trait

Grille Colour

Silver – 87% have this trait

Side Vent Colour

Silver – 88% have this trait


No – 98% have this trait

Background Colour

Red – 8% have this trait

BMW M3 NFT 88 By Custody Garage

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This is number 88 of 100 in the BMW M3 car NFT collectible series from Custody Garage. You can see all the collectible car NFTs listed.

About The BMW M3

The BMW M3 first appeared in 1986 with the E30 model. It was a homologation special to meet motor racing rules. The M3 designation has gone on to be used on subsequent BMW 3 series models and continues to be a desirable sports car. The E46 BMW M3 as used in our M3 NFT is perhaps one of the most popular. Due in part to the magnificent chassis and S54 straight six cylinder engine.

The M3 model ran from 2000 to 2006 and available as a coupe, like the BMW M3 NFT, and a convertible. Being a driver’s car, the coupe is the preferred model for the spirited driver. About twice as many coupes were produced, compared to the convertibles.

As BMW often do late in a model run, a Competition Package was introduced in 2005. This package included 19 inch BBS wheels, stiffer spring rates, faster steering, some brake parts from the CSL and colours such as Interlagos Blue that was only available on the Competition Package cars. This package had the designation ZCP.

The CSL was a much more rare version of the E46 M3 and had many lightweight parts made from carbon fibre composites. The air intake and rear trunk are perhaps the two most well known CSL only parts. These have been reproduced by many aftermarket companies and added to the regular M3 models.

The S54 engine had a displacement of 3.2 litres and developed 252kW of power and 365 Nm of torque. The CSL engine had a different air intake and camshaft and increased power to 265kW and 370Nm of torque. Plus a fabulous intake sound not found on the regular S54 engines.

This BMW M3 was also one of the first to use a SMG transmission, or sequential manual gearbox. People have a love/hate relationship with it nowadays. When it was introduced some considered it a fast shift whilst others felt it was clunky and slow It was one of the first and the improvements made over the years show it wasn’t the best choice. Most prefer the six speed manual made my Getrag. People are now doing a relatively easy swap from SMG to manual because the actual gearbox is the same for both.

The E46 was a significant improvement over the E36 M3 it replaced. Many then say the M3 badge lost its way with the S65 V8 powered E90/E92 M3. This was the only M3 model to feature a V8. It lost the race heritage and catered more to the luxury sports car market.

The BMW M3 NFTs by Custody Garage, including this deep blue one, are the regular version. To find out more about car behind this E46 BMW M3 NFT, you can read more here.

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