Volkswagen Kombi NFT – 78

Volkswagen Kombi NFT 78 is a green Volkswagen Kombi with a white roof. It is shown on a blue background. This non-fungible token is part of the Custody Garage Volkswagen Kombi collectible series of 100 images.

The VW Kombi NFT also comes with the right to get a 12in x 12in or 30.48cm x 30.48cm poster. Simply complete the details as supplied when you buy the car NFT and it will be shipped free of charge to your door. Only one poster in this size will ever be printed.

Volkswagen Kombi NFT Traits

Body Colour

Green – 6% have this trait

Roof Colour

White – 67% have this trait

Wheel Colour

Silver – 37% have this trait

Wheel Cap Colour

Silver – 93% have this trait

Whitewall Tyres

No – 88% have this trait

Bumper Bar Colour

Silver – 13% have this trait


Yes – 90% have this trait

Roof Rack

No – 90% have this trait


No – 98% have this trait


No – 93% have this trait

Background Colour

Blue – 14% have this trait

Volkswagen Kombi NFT 78 By Custody Garage

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This is number 78 of 100 in the Volkswagen Kombi car NFT collectible series from Custody Garage. You can see all the collectible car NFTs listed.

About The Volkswagen Kombi

The Volkswagen Kombi is another vehicle known by a few names. This is partly due to the sheer number of years it was in production and also the many markets it was manufactured and sold. So, some of the names of the over VW model include Type 2, Transporter, Kombi, Microbus, Bus Camper and Bulli. In case you were wondering, the Type 1 was the Beetle.

This green Volkswagen Kombi NFT is loosely based on the Samba with the skylight windows and cloth sunroof, most having two tone paint and the biparting doors rather than a sliding one. Again, another name was the Deluxe Microbus. The Samba was a first generation model only. Speaking of windows, they can also be known by the number of windows with Sambas having 21 or 23 windows.

Production of the first generation started in 1950 and ran to 1967. Brazil continued production all the way to 1975. It has a split windscreen so yet again more names with the VW Splitscreen or VW Splittie.

Like one of the other Custody Garage models, the Porsche 911 Turbo NFT, it has a rear mounted, air cooled, boxer engine. This time a four cylinder rather than a six cylinder as found in the 911. The 1.131 litre engine had a massive 18kW of power and later upgraded to 2 litres and 22kW of power. Over time it was increased to 1.5 litres and power increased to 40kW.

In addition to the bus version there was the panel van (with less windows), 2 door pickup and 3 door pickup. The later having a rear passenger door on one side only.

The second generation Type 2 features a redesigned body with the major changes being the front and parts of the rear. Many don’t think they are nearly as good looking.

The history of the VW Kombi is long and varied so if you would like to find out some more information a starting point is the Volkswagen Type 2 page or you can delve into the specific forums such as The Samba. Be warned though, you may go down a rabbit hole of information and find yourself looking for one to restore. Perhaps it might be easier to just buy one of the Custody Garage Volkswagen Kombi NFTs.

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