About Custody Garage

Custody Garage is for car people as well as those interested in NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Why not own, collect or trade something you have an interest in, rather than just another asset type. At the same time you can use your unique pixel car NFT as a profile picture or PGP at any of the many online place you might hang out.

Each of the collections at Custody Garage is drawn using Photoshop rather then creating lines of code in a text editor and then running the code to create thousands of unique images. Each pixel car NFT collection in the garage is limited to 100 tokens only. Each one is unique and the rarity of each depends on the traits or characteristics each contains. Colours, stripes, sunroofs, roof racks, ladders and surfboards are a few of the traits across the NFT collections. To view all the collectible car NFT images on one page and links to the individual ones, go to the Car NFTs page.

About Custody Garage's Car NFT Collections

There are four initial collections of 100 unique NFTs each. They will be released in Q1 2022 and follow one or more of the social media outlets for release dates.

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All NFTs are available for viewing and purchase at OpenSea. So click the button below to view them.

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Buy t-shirts, posters, stickers and mugs with the car NFT images on them. World wide delivery.