Shop FAQs

Why so many products?

For each product such as a coffee mug or t-shirt, there is one for each unique NFT. So that means 100 BMW M3 mugs, 100 Porsche 911 Turbo t-shirts, 100 VW Kombi wall posters, 100 Land Rover Defender stickers etc.

Where are the products shipped from?

Each product is printed on demand from various locations around the world. The more efficient location is chosen for each order depending on your address.

What is print on demand and does it mean cheap quality?

Definitely not cheap quality. Technology means shop print runs (just one!) are done rather than the old ways of having to print large runs to make it cost effective.

How long does it take to receive my order?

With print on demand it means the product has to be first printed and then shipped. This can mean a few days extra compared to if it just had to be picked off the shelf. Don’t worry, the wait is worth it and the checkout process gives a date range you can expect to receive your item(s). Please remember this is also subject to things outside our control such as shipping company and import processing times.

Why do I have to pay more than the first price?

Your country may impose import duties on the order. This is not something within out control so please take this into account when placing your order.

Who is Stripe?

Stripe is the credit card processing company used to process the payments. All payment information is processed on the Stripe servers and we do not see your credit card information.

Is the Custody Garage shop secure?

Yes. See the small padlock icon in the website address bar? Or maybe the https:// rather than http:// before the website address? Both indication a secure encrypted website.

How do I contact you?

Fill out the form on the Contact page and we will be in touch.

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