Terms And Conditions


Use of the website constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions listed below together with the Privacy Policy.


Custody Garage non-fungible tokens come with benefits. These terms and conditions only relate to those benefits and not the actual ownership of the tokens themselves. That ownership is dictated by the blockchain they are stored on and third party marketplaces used for the buying and selling of such NFTs.

Custody Garage may amend the benefits to owners by publishing the changes to this page.


Each first buyer is entitled to a physical wall poster. This is a 12″ x 12″ printed poster of the NFT. It will be sent free of charge upon entry of the details on the page provided at the time of the purchase of the NFT. You have to complete the form in order to receive the poster. Each poster is printed upon ordering and therefore, please allow for printing and shipping time to receive your poster.

The poster is not framed and will be shipped in a rolled tube or other such packaging. If there are any issues upon receipt of the poster, please contact us. If the poster is damaged during shipping and we agree to send a replacement, we will ask for evidence the original has been destroying. There will only ever be one 12″ x 12″ poster for each NFT.

The buyer is free to decide to keep the poster or forward to the next buyer, should they decide to sell the NFT on a secondary market. Custody Garage will not provide a post for each subsequent purchaser after the initial one.


Each NFT owner is entitled to use a discount code in the online store to purchase products. The 10% discount code will be provided at the time of purchase. Should you sell the NFT you can continue to use the discount code. This code should also be passed to the new owner.

If you have purchased a NFT and did not receive the discount code, please contact us. We will ask for proof of ownership and once confirmed, will supply the code.


Anyone is free to purchase from the Custody Garage shop and it is not just limited to NFT owners. That said, as stated above, NFT owners are entitled to a 10% discount and all purchases.

Depending on your location, you may be liable for import duties and/or taxes. These are not collected by us at the time of purchase and are in addition to the prices shown in the shop. It is your responsibility to be aware of the liability and pay them when required.

With each of the collections having 100 unique cars, it is not possible to hold stock for each product. They are printed on demand and as such it takes 3-4 days for the items to be printed before being shipped. There are printing facilities in various locations around the world including North America, Europe and Australia. The most efficient facility will be used to supply your order. You will be updated at each stage and if you created an account at the time of check out then you can view the progress in your account as well.

If there is an issue upon receipt of your items purchased, please contact us to work out a resolution.

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