Land Rover Defender NFT – 24

Land Rover Defender NFT 24 is an ash brown Land Rover Defender with a white roof. It is shown on a grey background. This non-fungible token is part of the Custody Garage Land Rover Defender collectible series of 100 images.

The Land Rover Defender NFT also comes with the right to get a 12in x 12in or 30.48cm x 30.48cm poster. Simply complete the details as supplied when you buy the car NFT and it will be shipped free of charge to your door. Only one poster in this size will ever be printed.

Land Rover Defender NFT Traits

Body Colour

Ash Brown – 2% have this trait

Roof Colour

White – 51% have this trait

Wheel Colour

Silver – 87% have this trait

Flare Colour

Body Colour – 95% have this trait

Door Hinge Colour

Silver – 93% have this trait

Roof Rack

No – 70% have this trait

Bonnet Hump

No – 62% have this trait

Bull Bar

No – 78% have this trait

Tow Bar

Yes – 30% have this trait

Mud Flaps

Yes – 94% have this trait

Background Colour

Grey – 10% have this trait

Land Rover Defender NFT 24 By Custody Garage

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About The Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is a British four wheel drive vehicle introduced in 1984. However, its origins go back as far as 1948 to the Land Rover Series I. Then followed by the Series II and Series III up to 1983. It was a simple, yet very capable off roader. Over the years had different body styles and engine configurations.

Other names for the Defender over the years include the Land Rover 110, Land Rover 90 and Land Rover 127. The Defender name was partly introduced to distinguish it from the Land Rover Discovery and the adoption of the name Land Rover as more than just a model name. It continues to be sold as the Land Rover Defender today even though there was a break in production between 2016 and 2020 with the exception of a special edition in 2018.

The Defender, whilst based on the steel ladder chassis and aluminium body panels, had upgraded coil spring suspension rather than leaf spring suspension, a permanent four wheel drive system, more modern interior and more powerful and fuel efficient engines. One of the obvious changes as soon as you see one is the taller one piece windscreen.

Over the model’s life there have been a variety of styles. Three door, five door, three door pickups, 3 door panel trucks to name a few. The 90, 110 and 127 designations are derived from the wheel base of each model. This ash brown Land Rover Defender NFT is based on the 90 model, being the one with the shortest wheelbase.

Engines started off straight out of the Series III it replaced which were 2.25 litre petrol or diesel and a more rare 3.5 litre V8 petrol. Each was upgraded over the years and a diesel turbo was introduced in 1986 to help compete with the Japanese competition such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol.

1990 marks the year it became the Land Rover Defender. It is also the time the Defender became more of an everyday vehicle rather than a rough off roader. The Tdi engine allowed better highway cruising speeds and increased towing ability. European emissions rules then dictated the introduction of the Td5 engine in 1998.

Outwardly there were only minor changes over the years. The Land Rover Defender NFT is a mix of the model years depending on the traits. One being the bonnet hump used to clear the taller Ford Puma engine introduced in 2007. There are also a number of other models specific to certain regions or countries. Manufacturing was licensed out to local places such as Spain, Turkey, Iran and Brazil. Other versions were specific to some military organisations too.

Recently the Land Rover Defender has become a desirable four wheel driver and prices have increased accordingly. The old school looks with relatively new technology underneath makes them acceptable to drive more often than many other collectible cars.

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